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We design, develop
and operate on-line applications.

  • commercial airline operations platform
  • in-store campaings & store management
  • specialized custom-made applications

The solutions we have developed are used in:

  • commercial civil aviation for airline operation;
  • advertising for the administration of in-store campaigns;
  • marketing for distributing information to an international network of resellers;
  • the media for full-text searching.

Our expertise includes the development of applications for call centres and contact centres, creating intranets, extranets, e-commerce solutions and content management systems (CMS, DMS), as well as preparing SMS and e-mail campaigns.

Our services include analysis and consultancy, project preparation and specification writing, system architecture design, application development, hosting and maintenance.

Our emphasis is on long-term collaboration with our clients.

We are proud to have operated some of our applications for our clients continuously for ten years.

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